In 2014, Jeep will certainly put out a lot of the latest edition of the Wrangler. One that is almost certain to be available soon is Jeep Dragon, which is marketed in limited quantities that enter the new Wrangler Unlimited models.

As we saw earlier Jeep Wrangler Dragon series was first released in 2012 in an auto show in Beijing, China. And the other was an off-road icon will most likely be produced to be marketed to consumers, especially in the North America in 2014.

Certainly be offered at a price of $ 36,095, the Jeep Wrangler dragon so special because the exterior is wrapped by the latest edition to the highest artistic value. Because it was first exhibited in Beijing we can believe this is part of a strategy to win the hearts of consumers in China 4WD. But if this release in the United States, whether Wrangler Dragon also enjoy doing? Let’s look at the exterior first.

2014 Jeep Wrangler Sketchy Dragon, is very similar to the original image when it will be released. Comes in four-door models, modern black color is dominant attached to this edition. Which makes the exterior look with highest artistic value, a Chinese dragon pattern is presented along the side of the body to the front of the engine cover.

While the feel of luxury and expensive, represented by shades of gold are pasted on seven Jeep grille typical, and at the wheel unique five-spoke 18-inch that combined with BF Goodrich KM LT255/75R17 off-road. All of that is luxurious character of an urban vehicle, but with the use of 35-inch tires off road, Jeep Wrangler Dragon still has a strong off-road character.

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