Jeep J8 is a special edition that was actually produced for the purposes of government in the military field. But then, finally J8 edition also presented for use by the general consumer just as off road vehicles.

Log in Wrangler models, Jeep J8 to be sold to the public is the result of the conversion by AEV. And we know as the Jeep J8 MILSPEC.
As we know AEV is one of the leading U.S. automotive studio, which has long had a formal relationship with the manufacturer of Jeep Chrysler. And based on an agreement, AEV, hereinafter began producing Jeep J8 public in two options. And can be recognized easily based exterior paint Military Green and Desert Sand. AEV Jeep J8 is designed specifically for the purposes of Off Road.

Jeep J8 Off Road Edition Military Green and Desert Sand

Because it was designed as a vehicle Off Road, Jeep J8 MILSPEC AEV necessarily equipped with special equipment. Jeep J8 itself began to be produced in Detroit by AEV. And AEV install some special equipment such as chassis, exterior, suspension, ABS Brakes, exhaust, wheels and tires off road.

Jeep J8 Desert Sand Option

Jeep J8 specification, which is presented by AEV is also believed to be more robust when compared with the vehicle which is used by the general public. A heavy-duty Dana 44 axle in the front and rear with a Dana 60 is used on the Jeep J8. Axle on the Jeep J8 is combined with the Dodge Ram Brake. To be one of the more powerful transport vehicles, Jeep J8 MILSPEC AEV, supported by sturdy frame that supported the rear suspension with leaf suspension type. Frame and suspension is believed to have the ability to carry loads of more than 2,500 lb.

Types of machines used for Jeep J8. Military Green, and Desert Sand J8 uses two types of engine options, namely diesel and gasoline types. According to AEV, J8 Military Green and Desert Sand could use a VM 2.8-liter diesel engine, and can also use the 5.7-liter V8 HEMI engine.  Differences in power, diesel engines and HEMI certainly can be seen clearly. Jeep J8 with VM 2.8-liter diesel engine, capable of producing 174 horsepower with 339 torque. While the Jeep J8 is using engine 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 capable of producing 330 horsepower with 375 torque.

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