Recent Jeep Wrangler Review – We have conducted a review back to the trusted sites Seriouswheels auto. And guess what we found?

We found a Jeep with extreme models that have the best engine performance with the power reaches 670 horsepower. We will call this car with the name of the 2005 Jeep Hurricane.

According Seriouswheels, 2005 Jeep Hurricane is one of extreme jeep models that have been published on the North American Automobile Show in 2005. So what makes these vehicles to be so extreme? There are two factors that can be found as long as we do a review of this Jeep models. The first is the 2005 Jeep Hurricane powered by two engines, and that both vehicles are designed with special designs and shapes.

2005 Jeep Hurricane engine specs, still based Seriouswheels that the two 5.7 liter HEMI engine has been mounted on the front and rear. Where each machine is capable of producing brackish reach 335 horse power with a torque of 370 each. So when the machine is moved then the HEMI engine horse power will reach 670 hp and maximum torque of 740 lb-ft.

And the second is the design or form 2005 Jeep Hurricane, on Seriouswheels Although Chrysler says that this is honestly a minimalist design, but we think this is not a minimalist, but smart and luxurious. 2005 Jeep Hurricane, the body is fully covered with carbon fiber and aluminum structure is given a touch of black thunder and Tiluminum accents. It became a model of extreme jeep with Ground Clearance 14.3 and short front and rear suspension.

Then if there are other parts that make the 2005 Jeep Hurricane comes with an extreme form? There are two additional features that amazed us again, this feature is installed in the tire and on the steering wheel. The first is turnable feature, and the second is a four-wheel two automatic models. However, we advise readers to visit seriouswheels to view detail information on the 2005 Jeep Hurricane features.

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