A 37-inch tire for your Jeep Wrangler is an investment that pays off with increased performance and capability. The extra ground clearance and articulation a bigger wheel provides can make the difference between a great off-road vehicle and an otherwise boring one. Of course, you need to be prepared to put in the effort to get it done right. If you aren’t an expert, don’t attempt this on your own. Find a professional who can guide you through the process.

    You can choose from an assortment of tire companies, including Goodyear, BFGoodrich, and Firestone. It’s a good idea to shop around, since their prices vary. In addition, you’ll want to take into account what you’re planning to do with your new wheels. Depending on your needs, you’ll need to determine a number of factors, such as the tire size you select and the suspension lift you opt for.

    When choosing a lift kit, you should also consider the height of the front and rear lift. This will determine how much weight you’ll have to bear. Generally, a 3.5-inch lift is the minimum you’ll need for a 37-inch tire. That’s not a huge boost in ground clearance, but it’s more than enough for your average day to day driving.

    Getting your hands on a high-quality 37-inch tire is a worthwhile feat, but if you don’t have the time or inclination to install a lift, you can opt for another strategy: installing an offset wheel. Doing so will increase your off-road capabilities and make you look more aggressive.

    You can buy an offset wheel and a 37-inch tire at your local dealership. However, they won’t be the best pairing. For example, you can’t expect a 37-inch tire to fit on a 17-inch rim. Also, you may need to realign your body to accommodate the extra space. Alternatively, you can purchase a Mopar tailgate relocation bracket to move your spare up higher.

    You’ll probably be surprised to learn that 37 inches is not the largest tire available. In fact, it’s only two inches larger than the 35-inch wheel, so it’s actually quite a bit smaller than its big brother. Compared to a 35-inch tire, a 37-inch one will weigh considerably more. But, if you’re looking to go for off-roading and rock crawling, the 37-inch tire is the way to go.

    The right kind of lift kit will help you achieve this. If you’re looking for the best quality and value, check out Rough Country. This company specializes in high-quality jeep lift kits. They also offer a limited five-year warranty.

    You should also take a look at the various 37-inch tire lifts available. Some are better suited for street use than others, and you’ll need to determine which fit your needs. To ensure you’re getting a quality product, look for one that includes a good warranty. And, always get advice from an installer to avoid any problems down the road.

    Finally, the most important consideration is to make sure you do your research before committing to a new set of wheels. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’re likely to end up with something that will be more expensive than it is worth.

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