IT outsourcing generally implies the company transferring a part of the functions of autonomous support and maintenance of computers, as well as other information systems to another organization. This is a major area of activity for an it company dealing with maintenance, thus, depending on the quality of the services provided, the company’s competitiveness in the market depends on it. That is why such companies impose rather stringent requirements on their employees. Not only a high level of professional knowledge, but also the ability to comply with corporate standards of ethics is required from the engineers serving clients.

Why outsourcing?

  • Certainly the main advantage is economic expediency, because the maintenance of the IT-company fleet is performed by outsourced specialists, i.e. there is no need to pay wages, holidays, taxes on personnel, as well as to organize an additional workplace. Specialists of the service company conduct a complete setup of the organization’s information systems, after which they go out only for the routine check of performance and troubleshooting. This service is especially popular with small and medium-sized businesses, where there is no sense to keep the staff of the system administrator, who will deal with their direct responsibilities only a few hours a week.
  • High professionalism. Employees of an outsourcing company constantly deal with the latest developments and take part in advanced training, visiting industry seminars, conferences and courses. It’s one of the base principles, because nowadays IT is the most dynamically developing branch of the market and only high qualification of the employees gives the possibility for the company to be competitive.
  • Confidentiality. Often heads of companies prefer full-time employees, because they are afraid of information leakage, as an IT specialist during his³ duties will have access to virtually all commercial and personal information belonging to the company. However, these fears are groundless, since in most cases the culprits of the spread of information containing commercial secrets are staff members. As for the service company – it has absolutely no motives for this, because if there is a leak, the integrator will receive a serious reputational damage that could jeopardize the entire business. Also the issue of confidentiality can be formalized legally.
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