Recent Jeep Wrangler Review – CEC Wheels modification team based in Miami has been publicizing his work. This is the latest modification agenda for the Jeep Wrangler.

Modified Jeep Wrangler is exclusively published on 19 April 2012. And we believe the modifications really make Jeep enthusiasts in awe.

Based on the official website of CEC Wheels, Modified Jeep Wrangler is done for a purpose and that meet the needs of customers and the fans are smart. CEC also informed that the focus of this modified Jeep Wrangler, more in two parts, namely comfort and strength. Both aspects are combined intelligently by the CEC without compromising the original character of the Jeep. CEC team to work with the modification to modify the performance of the engine with additional supplies of fuel injectors, the addition of a navigation system, adding a layer of vinyl on the exterior of the Military, the addition of 2.0 stabilizer FOX series to improve off-road capability. However, we summarize in detail the modifications to Jeep Wrangler that was conducted on seven sections, starting from the engine and drivetrain, exterior, interior and electronics, suspension, until the wheels, tires, and brake systems.

We might ask how much it costs to make modifications to the Jeep Wrangler? Yes, we also have the same question, and we find that answer. Also been popularized by the Autoweek site, according to Autoweek, these modifications cost about $ 50,000. Wow!, And Autoweek also add the cost does not include the price of the vehicle.

But for fans of the Jeep, the price of the vehicle modification may not be a problem, quality is modified by CEC Wheels Jeep Wrangler also answer the question. CEC modification actually makes the Jeep Wrangler appear “militant and powerful. Please see the detail information by CEC modified Jeep Wrangler here.

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