Recent Jeep Wrangler Review – Jeep J8 is manufactured in Cairo, Egypt by Chrysler in 2008 was different from the Jeep J8 that has been produced by AEV in 2010. Jeep J8 Cairo, completely designed by Chrysler oprasional for government and military. While the AEV Jeep J8 is one of the new jeep models are presented to the people that can be used for off road. We are interested to see what the price of the Jeep J8 is sold to the public and review the extent to which differences in the engine of the Jeep AEV J8.

Although we have not been able to find out what price the Jeep J8 is sold by Chrysler, for military and government purposes, however we were informed that the engine specification used by the Jeep J8 a model that has been produced in Cairo, Egypt in full. Model Jeep J8 is sold for purposes such as to raise troops, forklift, and the purpose of transporting troops, have been equipped with a turbo diesel four-cylinder 2.8 liter. Mated to a five-speed automatic transmission, engine Chrysler Jeep J8 is capable of producing 158 horsepower with torque reaching 295 lb-ft. Most of the few automotive sources, such as seriouswheels, motorauthority, Jalopnik, believe that the frame-level Chrysler Jeep J8 is more powerful than the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited models, the Jeep J8 is able to accommodate the load with a maximum capacity reached 1339 kg.

Jeep J8 for military purposes and government appear to axle, brakes and standard components that appear conservative, but to the back of the Jeep J8 is equipped with a model of leaf spring suspension. In order to work optimally both on and off road 4wd Systems Command Trac has also been added to the Wrangler J8.

Jeep J8 for sale by Chrysler

Then how the Jeep J8 is manufactured by AEV is scheduled to be sold for off road enthusiasts? what is the estimated selling price of AEV Jeep J8?

AEV J8 MILSPEC known as, these are the vehicles that are sold to the public which is equipped with a revolving chassis component. AEV J8 MILSPEC, began production in 2010 in Detroit by AEV-making factory. Officially sold by AEV and Network official selling price range in the AEV J8 Jeep appraiser reaches $ 50,000. AEV Jeep J8 is reserved exclusively for the fans in the United States. This is another model of the Chrysler Jeep J8 is available in two engine variants and two colors (Desert and Green Military).

In addition to the color selection, AEV J8 Jeep has some advantages that a standard engine specifications provided by AEV is the VM 2.8-liter diesel engine (174hp, 339 lb-ft) and is also available with a Hemi V-8 engine 5.7liter (300 hp, 375 lb-ft ).

Jeep J8 AEV for Sale to the Public

Although the sales target is off-road enthusiasts, AEV retaining the original character of the model Jeep J8, Jeep AEV J8 still comes with some special military component. But the most striking difference can be seen at the wheel, the front wheel drive Jeep AEV J8, equipped with a Dana 44, while the back is supported by a Dana 60, this section is more perfect when backed with Dodge Ram brakes. AEV Jeep J8 is sold also come with a wide selection of door models, aims to provide a more varied choice to the prospective buyer AEV Jeep J8.

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